Destin Fire Control District

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Destin Fire Control District


Employment with the Destin Fire Control District

The Destin Fire Control District has some of the strictest hiring standards in Northwest Florida.  Applicants are put through a full day of written testing, followed by the most physically demanding practical test in Northwest Florida.  The top candidates following the day of testing are asked to return for interviews and final new employee selection.  At the most recent testing on February 6, 2007, more than 20 young men and women tested for 3 new positions at the Fire Department.  It was clear to all who watched the testing process that this group of candidates represented the strongest candidate pool ever to test at the Department.

The Destin Fire Control District is an equal opportunity employer.

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Destin Fire Control District Testing Process
1. Practical Test

  • 105′ Ladder Climb
  • 150′ Manikin drag (150 lbs.)
  • High-Rise drill carrying high-rise pack up 5 flights
  • 140′ hose pull with charged 1 3/4″ hose
  • Knot Tie
100 Points
2. Interview 100 Points