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  • Fire Extinguishers Recall

    Kidde Recalls Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles

    Click here to learn more

















  • Prevent Turkey Fryer Fires


  • Smoke Alarm Installation Program

    Smoke Alarm Installation Program

    Don’t have a smoke alarm, or the one you have does not work?

    Through a partnership with the American Red Cross, the Destin Fire Control District is proud to provide a Smoke Alarm Installation Program.


    Smoke Alarm Program Notice


    Residents of Destin who do not have a smoke alarm, or do not have a working alarm can sign up today to receive a free smoke alarm.

    Call us at (850) 837-8413.  Smoke alarms SAVE LIVES!!!






  • Hurricane Preparedness

    Hurricane Preparedness Hurricane image

    Everyone needs to be prepared for the potential of a land falling hurricane or tropical storm and being prepared for any emergency requires planning.  Damage from a storm could be due to winds, heavy rain, or tornadoes.  If you are able to stay at home, electricity, water, heat, air conditioning, telephone service and transportation could be disrupted or lost for some time.  Emergency management planners suggest having food, water, medications and other essentials on hand to last your family for three to five days.

    You should always refer to your local media for any pertinent information as it relates to possible evacuations, closings, and the opening of shelters.

    The following links can help you become better prepared:




Fire Statistics                   EMS Statistics


Jan: 72 Jul: 137 Jan: 113 Jul: 315
Feb: 59 Aug: 68 Feb: 145 Aug: 208
Mar: 68 Sept: 71 Mar: 213 Sept: 167
Apr: 68 Oct: 88 Apr: 182 Oct: 162
May: 67 Nov: 0 May: 194 Nov: 0
Jun: 110 Dec: 0 Jun: 239 Dec: 0
                Year To Date       808                 Year To Date  1,938
        2016:             890         2016:          2,146
        2015:             819         2015:          2,147
        2014:             919         2014:          2,278