Destin Fire Control District

Services and Programs

In addition to the mission of fighting fires, the Destin Fire Control District has evolved into several divisions that provide for the health and well being of the residents and visitors to the District. One such division is our Advanced Life Support Service. First response Advanced Life Support protection is provided for all medical and trauma calls in the District by highly trained paramedics proficient in the latest advancements in pre-hospital emergency medicine, including advance airway techniques, advanced cardiac care and specialized trauma care. The District holds these talented individuals to the highest standards of excellence in pre-hospital medicine.

Our Destin Beach Safety Patrol is another of our specialized rescue services. Launched in response to a tragic day in 2003 when eight individuals lost their lives by drowning in the waters in and around Destin. Each Beach Safety Patrol member is trained to the rigorous standards of certification in ocean rescue by the United States Lifesaving Association required of the members of the Destin Beach Safety Patrol.

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