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Rip Currents

ripcurrentsartworkRip Currents may form in nearshore sandbar breaks.

Although rarely more than 30 yards wide, rip currents can extend 1,000 feet offshore and travel up to 3 mph.

Some are present a few hours; others are permanent.  Rip Currents are prevalent after storms.

RIP Current in ActionWhat To Do?

  • Do Not Panic
  • Do Not Swim Against Current
  • Float Calmly until the current lessens
  • Swim parallel to shore until out of current
  • Shout and wave for assistance


Beach Tips

  • Flag SystemNever Swim Alone
  • Never Dive into Shallow Water
  • Never Leave Kids Alone in the Water
  • Keep Sand Holes Shallow
  • Always Use Sunscreen (SPR 30+)
  • Drink Lots of Water
  • When Lightning, Leave the Beach
  • Obey Flag System
  • Obey Beach Safety Advice
  • Do Not Rely on Artificial Floatation Devices for Safety


Laws of the Beach