Destin Fire Control District

Marine Life

Sea Turtles

As an endangered species, Sea Turtles and their eggs should always be left alone and never touched.



An important part to the Gulf’s ecosystem, this giant predator should be respected and given its space.  A bite is very unusual and a deliberate attack is almost non-existent.



A very poisonous sea creature, you should always stay clear of them on land and in the water.  For allergic reactions, you should contact Destin Beach Safety immediately, or dial 9-1-1.



Their are a wide variety of JellyFish in the Gulf of Mexico.  They range from non-poisonous to very poisonous.  Wether you see a JellyFish or are stung by one, the best thing is to LEAVE IT ALONE!  For allergic reactions dial 9-1-1.



Found in the shallow-sandy areas, they are known to sting when stepped on.  They best thing to do when walking into the water is the STINGRAY SHUFFLE.  This is done by shuffling your feet under the sand.  If stung contact Destin Beach Safety or Dial 9-1-1.



Manatee’s are only found in the waters in and around Florida.  They are very rare and are Endangered Species.  It is a Federal Crime to touch or interfere with this gentle creature.



Dolphins are found all over the waters around Destin.  They are gentle mammals that are a pleasure to watch.  Due to encounters with humans, their numbers are declining.  They are a wild animal that should be given their space.