Destin Fire Control District

Advanced Life Support

The Destin Fire Control District offers Advanced Life Support (“ALS”) services to the community they serve.  The District has 17 paramedics (at least 5 per shift), ensuring adequately staffed ALS apparatus.  There is a first responding ALS apparatus that responds from each of the District stations.

As a first responding ALS program, the District responds to each medical or trauma call with an Okaloosa County EMS ambulance that provides transport to the appropriated medical facility.  Each ALS apparatus carry the same equipment that is found on the EMS ambulances.  Also, all paramedics are trained the same rigorous standards, including Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.  Additionally, all District personnel function under the Okaloosa County EMS medical protocols and report to the same Medical Directors.  This team approached has resulted in the saving of countless lives since its inception.