Destin Fire Control District

March 11 Referendum

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Your Fire Department Needs Your Support

Please Vote “Yes” on March 11


Information letterFire Department Referendum

Your fire department, the Destin Fire Control District, depends on the financial support of our citizens.  Although many of our operating costs increase each year, the Board of Fire Commissioners work diligently to ensure the overall budget remains as low as possible while continuing to provide the high level of service the Fire Commission feels our citizens deserve.

On March 11th a referendum, which is critical to the operation of your fire department, will be voted upon by our citizens. Please join us in supporting this referendum so we can continue to provide the excellent services you, our residents, businesses, and visitors have come to expect.

We believe the Destin Fire Control District to be one of the finest fire departments on the Gulf Coast and hope our residents agree.

Please come out to our regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, February 11 at 5:30 p.m. at the main fire station located at 848 Airport Road to learn more.  We want to thank our citizens for their continued support.


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